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Private Label Rights ATM, "Your at Home ATM Machine,

Private Label Rights That You Can Own 100%!

There are many successful ways to Earn an Income Online - through Affiliate Programs, online Ads, pay-per-action, network marketing, online services, etc., but one of the very   best is to be in a position where you can make 100% of EVERY SALE (instead of a small commission, right? For this to happen, you can either Sell a 'ready-made' digital Product  (can be good, but there may be many others with the same information), OR you can have YOUR OWN PRODUCTS.

Making Money Online with your own products 

The Possibilities are UNLIMITED!

Private Label Rights allows you to use any of the supplied Information packages (often with a ready-made sales site with graphics) and "re-brand it", modify it as you see fit, put your own Name on it and Sell them as Your Own Product - So YOU EARN 100% of the Sales from your own Sites! 

OK, great - so that's what Private Label Rights are (you'll also see them called: "PLR"), but you're probably thinking that you don't have Time to find the right Products, or  you don't know where to look? Now you can take the Next Step and find out what its all about.

" Here's How YOU Can Have Your Own Line Of Instant Information Products In Profitable Demand... Without Having To Write From Scratch! " 

If You Don't Have The Time Or Know-How To Write Your Own Info-Products or Develop Your Own Software, Then Here's A Solution That Gives You Private Label Rights Products EVERY MONTH including Software and Info-Manuals, Private Label Rights Articles, Graphics, Websites, An Entire Years Worth Of Re-usable Marketing Related Content And A Whole Lot More!

And that is what this special MEMBERSHIP package is about!

     So, would you like to get your hands on....

   New Private Label (PLR) Products every month?

How would you like to have access to a Library of New Private Label Rights & Reprint Rights Package every month without fail and pay just a fraction of the normal Price?

If you had access to an extensive collection of good quality Private Label digital items and you knew (or can learn) what to do with them to turn them into an extra Cash-flow income, why wouldn't you turn them into Profits?


  Our Private Rights Products Membership will give you Products and Websites for:

   Internet Marketing

Website Creation & Development 

Niche Marketing  

Specific Niches each month

Training in making Money Online  

List Development, subscriber management  

Driving Traffic to your websites

Personal Development & Self-Improvement 

Health & Nutrition Niche info-products  

Software and Turnkey Site Scripts 

.... and more! 

Master Resell Rights Products

An expanding range of Info-Products & Software You Can Sell

This Area of your Membership provides Master Resell Rights Products. Our MRR Products (non PLR) will provide you with plenty of choices. We want to give you a head-start and the best chances for you in building your Online income. To help you boost your business we provide a comprehensive Collection of good Information Products, Websites and Software that have Master Resell Rights (MRR) which maximizes your potential income. Resell Rights means you can Sell the Product. Master Resell Rights means you can sell the Products but ALSO Sell the Resell Rights to others. This often increases the value and may make it an easier choice for your Customer to Buy your Product.



Recommended: Select a Product to Sell and focus on that first, then proceed to add more to your Sites. You do not need to download all MRR Products now as they will not be removed. Return as often as you need.  

Web Graphics

Various Graphics you can use, most can be re-sold.

Graphics for your Websites. We believe it is a good idea to make modifications to any Sales website you're provided with - to be different from others. You can make your Websites stand out by using good Templates or adding suitable Graphics. In Your Membership you get dozens of Templates and Graphics to make the most of your Sites. Some Graphics sets come with Resell Rights, some with PLR, please check the rights files in each package for details.



Set of 100's + Niche PLR Products  
Click links to Download as required. These Products will remain in your PLR Membership, so return at any time to access these files.

Web Graphics Collection  

Graphics & Templates. This section for Silver, Gold and Platinum Members provides hundreds of Graphics and Templates you can use on any Site or you can also Sell them with  Resell Rights or MRR and some sets have PLR.

Video Niche Sites

New Feature: YouTube / Video Niche Sites. For Gold and Platinum Members we have also added NEW Video Sites - ready-made on specific Niches, which provide your Visitor with dozens of Youtube Videos on the Subject focused on by the Site. This is a great traffic generator and can be a good complement to any Niche Product site.

Software & Web Scripts

Software / Script Library. You get Access to Scripts and Software, many with Private Label Rights or Master Resell Rights.


To Your Success,

    Eli Vincente   

Owner of

Copyright 2010-2011  by Eli Vincente



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